Looking Through Another's Perspective: The Saddle Song

It had been a particularly difficult week that left all of us feeling overstimulated. My son Michael was crying. Through his tears he looked up at me and asked if we could just go for a ride together. We quickly headed out to find Sailor, our steady horse who has a knack for helping in stressful situations. It wasn't long before we were in the saddle riding through the trails. Within just a few minutes, Michael's tears were gone and he was already laughing about something. When he settled in, we began listening to all of the sounds around us. He easily picked out birds chirping, leaves rustling, and Sailor's footsteps. My attention was drawn to the squeaking of the saddle, reminding me that it needed to be oiled again. I added it to my mental checklist and let out a sigh. There was always more work to be done. Michael's voice cut through my distractions. "I love this song," he stated. I didn't hear any music, so I asked him, "What song?" He told me, "This song. It's really loud." I was truly baffled. We were in the woods on a horse. I was positive no music was playing. I asked him again, "What song?" He melted my heart when he said, "The saddle song, Mommy!" It was amazing to me that I was listening to the saddle and the noise had irritated me, yet when Michael heard it, he found music! Our different life experiences had led us both to opposite perspectives of the same situation. It was a stark reminder of how different people think and that anything can be viewed in a positive light. The sound of a saddle squeaking always brings a smile to my face now and I cherish that memory.

I recently shared an article on Facebook about how the debate over the colors of the dress demonstrates the unique perspective autism offers. I think a lot of us can relate to this article when look into our everyday lives. It is truly amazing how much we can gain by taking the time to take a look through another's eyes.

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