Our Services 

Whether you wish to participate in the outdoor therapeutic program, riding lessons, or beekeeping clinics, there are benefits to be gained through any program that suits your interests. Recent studies have shown how being outdoors is crucial in relation to proper mental, emotional, and physical development, especially among children and adolescents. Being outdoors simultaneously engages the mind and the body, making nature the prime learning and playing environment. Kids who spend significant time outside are more likely to develop better sleeping habits, social and listening skills, and better overall emotional and physical health. Horses play an important role in not only our lessons, but also in the outdoor therapeutic program, as riding has been proven to relieve stress and opens learning receptors in the brain, allowing kids to gain as much as possible from attending the program. Horseback riding teaches responsibility, instills confidence, and encourages persistence. It is always exhilerating to see kids reaping benefits from the world around them. 

Outdoor Therapeutic Program

Our program uses a mixture of theraputic riding and nature enrichment. Our therapeutic program uses highly trained horses to strengthen families and help children discover their gifts. Each session includes skill-building games and educational activities that encourage kids to engage their creativity and imagination. The horses play a big part in this program as they teach kids empathy and responsibility. Their greatest contribution, however, is instilling confidence in the kids who work with them. Once the children are confident, they are ready to move on to the next step in our program, where they learn to be teachers to the next children coming up. Every child of every age has something to offer, and gain, in teaching others, and we work to find each child's niche so that they can do just that. 



Our therapeutic program also involves nature enrichment, as mentioned above. Kids take on challenges such as fort building, gardening, archery, science experiments, and art projects. Each task pushes kids to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. They build social skills as they learn how to work with others. In this portion of our program, we are simply facilitators as kids make progress through play. 

Riding Lessons


For those who wish to learn to ride or advance their skills in horsemanship, lessons are the perfect option. Beginner lessons focus on teaching horse safety, ground skills, and early riding skills. Advanced lessons include dressage up to second level and jumping. Finally, we offer aid to those who are struggling with or wish to improve their own horses. 

Beekeeping Clinics


Beekeeping became a passion of Richard's after seeing a documentary about the importance of bees in many aspects of our lives. Bees have such a massive contribution to our environment, and our lives in general, as every third bite of food we eat has been pollenated by a bee. Currently, many of the ways that humans interact with the environment are harming bees. Backyard beekeepers are springing up throughout the world to help bees begin thriving again. We will offer clinics for avid beekeepers, as well as those interested in becoming a beekeeper, and viewing days for those who simply wish to learn about honey extraction. Kids and adults alike love this process. Come watch as we take the honey from the hive to the extractor, and finally into your hand! 

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